Rexall Grill reopening delayed

DULUTH -- Patrons will have to wait another week and a half to taste the famous homemade cake at Rexall Grill.

Owner Lynda Alley is hoping for a July 27 opening for the restaurant, which attaches to her Duluth drug store.

While Alley had hoped to open this week, the new date means the 41-year-old eatery will reopen a month after it was shut down by the state for the failure of its business license holder (Gail Herrin) to pay sales taxes.

Alley, who owned the location and name of the restaurant for more than a decade, plans to open under her own business license, bringing the entire staff back, including Herrin as manager.

But state regulations caused her to add an expensive grease trap, which required workers to mark utilities, bust up concrete and shift plumbing. Alley also plans to repaint, lay new floors and repave.

"We're at the mercy of when it gets done and then getting the inspectors," she said. "I think they'll all fall together next week."

The restaurant should be open for the breakfast shift at 5:30 a.m. July 27, she said.