LETTERS: Facts show expansion of airport will hurt neighbors

“Knowing the facts” before opposing or supporting the privatization/expansion of Briscoe Field airport is essential. Accusing those in opposition of “fear mongering” such as in Tim Sullivan’s column (“We must know the facts before discussing airport privatization,” July 4, Page 8A) is misguided. Our opposition is based solely on loss of the quality of life as we know it in Gwinnett County, should Briscoe Field be privatized/expanded.

These facts are clear:

1) Property values will decrease.

2) Larger aircraft will produce major noise and pollution.

3) Downtown businesses will experience loss of revenue.

4) It’s uncertain who will bear the cost of road improvements.

5) We face the same issues as the community that used to thrive near DeKalb-Peachtree airport.

Why can’t this issue that directly affects our lives be voted on? We are promised “hearings,” but will our county commissioners be “listening?” There is a difference. Send e-mails, write letters, make phone calls, do research. Make your voice heard.

Job creation and biotech pale in comparison to the impact of this negative change in our quality of life. We are depending on our commissioners and elected officials to make decisions on the privatization/expansion of Briscoe Field based on what the majority of their constituents want for their county. Let’s hold them accountable on this issue.

— Gaye and Andrew McNeil