LETTERS: Hice billboard doesn't reflect a serious candidate

Republican Congressional candidate Jody Hice’s campaign billboards referring to President Barack Obama with the Soviet hammer and sickle are appalling (“Hice’s political billboard causes stir,” July 7, Page 1A).

Reporter Camie Young mistakenly identifies the hammer and sickle as “the socialist symbol.” The symbol is actually that of the old Soviet Communist Party and our former Cold War adversary, the Soviet Union.

Such silliness as suggesting Obama is a communist is what passes for political debate with some Republicans these days. Regardless, the use of the symbol by Mr. Hice is either ill-informed or disingenuous; neither reflects favorably on him as a serious candidate.

We should expect honest and intelligent discussion of the issues from our candidates. The tone and substance of the debate separate the serious candidates from the pretenders and cynics.

— Steve Reilly