Local director for cancer society promoted to VP

DULUTH -- After spending six years helping build what has become one of the most successful Relay for Life programs in the world, Randy Redner has been promoted.

Redner, the American Cancer Society's Area Executive Director for Gwinnett and several surrounding counties, will begin immediately in his new role as vice president for the American Cancer Society in Georgia.

"The opportunity means a lot to me," Redner said Wednesday. "This is overseeing all the operations for the 10 million people that live in Georgia, 350,000 of those which are cancer survivors."

Under Redner's watch, Gwinnett's Relay for Life, ACS' largest fundraiser, became the most successful in the world. This year alone, it raised more than $2 million for cancer research and awareness.

Redner's jurisdiction also covered 13 other counties in northeast Georgia.

Redner said Wednesday he will play a key role in determining his successor, who will work directly underneath him in his new role.

"It's very important that we find the right fit for this job," he said.

Losing his father to cancer 15 years ago, Redner was moved to join the cause and the fight against cancer. Now, he'll get to so it statewide.

"The work is out in the community," Redner said. "These are jobs where I need to be in Savannah, in Gwinnett, in Dalton. While I have an office sitting in an Atlanta tower down there, my job is really to be out in the community."