Hice's political billboard causes stir

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Billboards across Gwinnett, Barrow and Walton have caused a stir in the upcoming 7th Congressional District race.

The signs are meant to get votes for Rev. Jody Hice, a radio commentator and minister, but its his reference to President Barack Obama that is getting the most attention.

The billboard asks, "Had Enough of Obama's Change?" with the "c" substituted with the socialist symbol of a red hammer and sickle.

"We have a president right now who is engineering, I believe, a socialist takeover of our nation," said Hice, one of eight Republicans to face off in the upcoming July 20 primary. "We were simply making a statement of belief."

Doug Heckman, the lone Democrat seeking the office, said he was "embarrassed" for Hice.

"To compare the Obama administration to our old foe (the Soviet Union) just caters to the fear and hate in people," Heckman said. "Rev. Hice is trying to divide the people of the 7th Congressional District in order to get more primary votes. This represents the worst kind of campaigning and even worse potential representation of our district."

Hice said nay-sayers need to "wake up" to the potentials of a government that has taken over health care and the auto industry.

"I think the majority of people realize our nation is in trouble," he said.