CLINE: Making lists, checking them twice

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

We all love lists. Whether it's the Top 25 in college football, the top 10 on the music charts or Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 greatest characters from film and TV, lists give us the chance to compare and contrast and to argue about who or what we would include.

In many cases, lists also give you a chance to check things off. As in: been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I'm a crosser-offer. I make daily to-do lists, but I also keep lists of things I've done and things I want to do.

I have a list of states I've visited (31), concerts I've attended (69) and Georgia golf courses I've played (53). According to my list, I've been to 17 college football stadiums, 15 major league baseball stadiums and seen NFL games in eight venues.

So it's no surprise that I enjoyed the Daily Post's recent Newcomers Guide more than any we've previously published. The title was "101 Things Every Gwinnettian should see or do." We had a good time putting it together, brainstorming things that people from Gwinnett would enjoy.

That's the other thing about lists -- it reminds you of things you might not think of on your own. And of things that maybe you take for granted.

I recently went through the list and was disappointed that I had only done 36 of the 101 things we listed. If the food categories counted individually I might have rated a little higher, but as it is I've got a lot of checking off to do in my to-do list for Gwinnett.

Some things are probably just not going to happen. I think celebrating Goroundhog Day at the Yellow River Game Ranch is one of the more uniquely Gwinnett things you can do, but it's a little too early and cold for my taste, so General Beauregard Lee will have to soldier on without me.

I'm a little too old for Civil War Camp at McDaniel Farm Park. Not accurate enough to play frisbee golf at Lenora Park or Alexander Park. And those who know me best can tell you there is no way on earth you'll catch me at Atlanta's Exotic Bird Festival at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross. (Not a big bird fan.)

But that leaves me with a lot of fun things left to pursue. Tops on my list is attending a bluegrass concert at Everett Brothers Music Barn in Suwanee. It's one of the treats of any list, something that you didn't even know existed. A hidden gem, if you will.

Another place I'll be visiting soon is GIMZA Polish Restaurant in Norcross. It's the only Polish restaurant in the state, which is neat enough. But if you've ever eaten a pierogi, you'll understand why I'd like to try the homemade ones at GIMZA.

But the one place that got me thinking about this list -- and bummed me out at the same time -- is the Rexall Grill in Duluth. The grill was recently shut down for not paying taxes, but is expected to re-open soon under a new name.

I've heard and read a lot about the Rexall Grill, one of those places that remind you of the good old days. The food and atmosphere remind you of a much smaller town.

I'm looking forward to trying it when it opens up again. Here's hoping it's soon. Because I've still got plenty of checks to make on this list.

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