Sugarloaf extension costs rise

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Sugarloaf Parkway's new interchange with Ga. Highway 316 is beginning to take shape -- on paper at least.

Last month, commissioners approved a nearly $1 million change order to a design contract for the extension, which will complete the nearly five-mile trek from Ga. Highway 20 to Ga. 316.

The move came after numerous conversations with the Georgia Department of Transportation about how the interchange will work, said Deputy Transportation Director Alan Chapman.

The interchange, which will be between Harbins Road and U.S. Highway 29, will have one loop ramp in addition to directional ramps, Chapman said.

"It's great. Anytime you can have directional ramps and avoid a traffic signal will move smoother," Chapman said.

As part of the now $4.6 million design contract, which included work on every phase of the extension, designers are preparing a construction estimate for the interchange, the last piece of the currently planned extension, although officials have been talking about continuing the road to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in the Sugar Hill area to create a loop around Lawrenceville.

The first phase of the road project opened earlier this year, taking the route to New Hope Road. Construction is under way on two more sections, which will eventually tie to Campbell Road. Chapman said the entire project, including the interchange, is on schedule for completion in mid to late 2012.