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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

The following students were named to the Dean’s list for the Spring 2010 semester at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

Joseph Abrahamson of Suwanee, Sohahn Ahktar of Lawrenceville, Elise Allen of Lawrenceville, William Allison of Snellville, Ednet Almedon of Lawrenceville, Farhad Amani of Suwanee, Sam Asghari of Norcross, Rajeev Atluri of Snellville, Amber Bachlani of Snellville, Timothy Banning of Lawrenceville, Megan Barnidge of Lilburn, Grayson Baum of Sugar Hill, Christopher Beck of Buford, Gaelle Belhseine of Lawrenceville, Amelia Bell of Lilburn, David Bernal of Lilburn, Christian Bockhop of Snellville, Sarah Bowers of Norcross, Adrienne Bozeman of Lilburn, Nathaniel Brex of Lawrenceville, Robert Brinson of Lilburn, Emily Bryant of Lawrenceville, Joseph Buis of Snellville, Shauna Burnett of Buford, Daniel Camp of Lawrenceville, Arnaldo Carreno-Fuentas of Dacula, Adrianna Carter of Snellville, Stephan Cary of Snellville, Carlos Casarrubias Solano of Hoschton, Kerry Caslow of Loganville, Mark Celio of Snellville, Kristian Champion of Duluth, Jonathon Chan of Sneville, Ko-Hsin Chang of Duluth, Pedram Charepoo of Lawrenceville, Jeri Chasseau of Snellville, Christina Chatham of Suwanee, Nanley Chery of Dacula, Esther Chung of Suwanee, Benjamin Cohen of Lawrenceville, Mathew Compton of Buford, Joseph Conn of Lawrenceville, James Cook of Lilburn, Jesse Craft of Lawrenceville, Matthew Crane of Lawrenceville, Mark Creighton of Snellville, Elias Crist of Lilburn, Tyler Cromey of Lawrenceville, Marie Darnell of Suwanee, Timothy Daughtry of Lawrenceville, Austin Day of Duluth, Nida Dharani of Snellville, Melinda Dolphyn of Buford, Krishna Dommeti of Suwanee, Seth Dubin of Norcross, Bryce Dykes of Norcross, Sarah Eccles of Lawrenceville, Adabelle Espinosa of Lilburn, Randall Fener of Lawrenceville, Evan Findley of Grayson, Jasmine Fu of Duluth, Blake Fuller of Buford, Houston Fullerton of Suwanee, Kyle Gabriel of Lawrenceville, Jacob George of Lawrenceville, Melissa Gerrior of Dacula, Jhordan Gil of Norcross, David Giles of Norcross, Sonia Golemme of Lawrenceville, Alberto Gonzalez of Snellville, Meghan Green of Snellville, Katy Hammersmith of Lawrenceville, Kyle Hanofee of Norcross, Joshua Harkey of Lawrenceville, Patrick Harrington of Duluth, Andrea Hartlage of Grayson, Tyler Hastings of Duluth, Ainsley Hatten of Norcross, Randall Hayes of Lawrenceville, Robert Heusel of Duluth, Patrick Hodges of Lilburn, Melissa Hopkins of Lilburn, Diego Hoyos of Sugar Hill, Heather Humphrey of Norcross, Joseph Iannazone of Lawrenceville, Robin Jacob of Lawrenceville, Margaret Jenkins of Suwanee, Midhu John of Lawrenceville, Kelly Jones of Duluth, Anish Joseph of Lilburn, Hyunjin Jung of Sugar Hill, Naman Kanakiya of Norcross, Fateh Kapur of Lawrenceville, Keerthana Kesavarapu of Duluth, Christopher Keyser of Lawrenceville, Jonathon Keyser of Lawrenceville, Rania Khan of Snellville, Armina Khwaja of Lawrenceville, Joseph Kim of Suwanee, Nonnie Kim of Norcross, Kelsey Klipstein of Norcross, Talia Knapp of Hoschton, Sara Knopp of Lilburn, Kok Lee of Lilburn, Alexander Lemeshko of Lawrenceville, Jennifer Lewis of Lilburn, Wenchao Li of Norcross, Chelsea Lindsey of Loganville, Joanna Liu of Lilburn, Matthew Long of Suwanee, Zachary Luna of Buford, Dana Lupuloff of Norcross, Carl Lyles of Grayson, Saifullah Malik of Lawrenceville, Christopher Malone of Snellville, Nivedh Manohar of Lawrenceville, Joel Matthew of Lawrenceville, Andrew Matteson of Snellville, Cameron Mayo of Snellville, Megan McCarty of Suwanee, Darin McKenna of Lilburn, Elaina McLean of Bethlaham, Anna McLendon of Snellville, Kristin Meaghar of Duluth, Sadiq Merchant of Lilburn, Hilary Miskowski of Lawrenceville, Michael Misley of Buford, Clara Moon of Lilburn, Halle Moore of Dacula, Brenda Morales-Pico of Norcross, Eric Mozley of Grayson, Patrick Murphey of Sugar Hill, Ashish Narasimham of Duluth, Mallory Necessary of Norcross, Abigail Nelson of Snellville, Vanessa Nevarez of Dacula, Jessie Newman of Suwanee, Keegan Nicodemus of Loganville, Laura Nuta of Dacula, Nicholas O’Donnell of Norcross, Anna O’Neal of Suwanee, Janushi Pandya of Duluth, Youjin Park of Suwanee, Kevin Parsons of Sugar Hill, Hayden Paschal of Norcross, Dhruti Patel of Duluth, Mihir Patel of Snellville, Erica Penk of Daculka, Jessica Peters of Duluth, Lucy Pettitt-Schiever of Stone Mountain, Tan Pham of Buford, Jessica Rabound of Suwanee, Jessica Raines of Lilburn, Katelyn Randall of Lilburn, Erin Randalow of Suwanee, Abigail Reynolds of Loganville, Amanda Rigg of Norcross, Matthew Rivers of Duluth, Christine Ruffo of Dacula, Anna Salome of Suwanee, Natasha Sanjaya of Lawrenceville, Ryan Sartin of Lawrenceville, Mitchell Scates of Lawrenceville, Colin Schoeneman of Lawrenceville, Matthew Schrichte of Lawrenceville, Sadie Schureck of Lilburn, Mitchell Scott of Dacula, Ameer Sharifzadeh of Lawrenceville, Anton Sigety of Dacula, Ryan Smith of Lilburn, Travis Smith of Duluth, Michael Smyles of Lawrenceville, Zackary Spratling of Auburn, Justin Sterritt of Lawrenceville, Christopher Stewart of Dacula, Sarah Stewart of Lawrenceville, Jordan Stone of Buford, John Strauss of Dacula, Lauren Stuckey of Suwanee, Whitney Sturgill of Dacula, Anna Sulimirski of Buford, Soo-Jin Sung of Suwanee, Dylan Swords of Lawrenceville, Amanda Szilassy of Duluth, Kyle Tait of Loganville, Bethany Thames of Stone Mountain, David Thompson of Lawrenceville, Melissa Ting of Norcorss, Bart Tippins of Lawrenceville, Jennifer Tsai of Duluth, Leah Tsinahinnie of Lilburn, Vettica Vaniver of Duluth, Jonathon Walker of Lawrenceville, Daniel Wallace of Lawrenceville, Brain West of Lilburn, Kathryn White of Grayson, Zachary White of Lawrenceville, Jarrett Wilbanks of Lawrenceville, Cody Wilbourn of Lawrenceville, Melissa Wilson of Sugar Hill, Amelia Wrightson of Lilburn, Jerry Yee of Duluth, Brooke York of Snellville, Christopher Young of Norcross, David Young of Lilburn, Yi Zhang of Duluth and Mohsin Zuberi of Norcross.