Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

* Grown Ups (PG-13) Adam Sandler and his off-screen cronies get together for a "family" film that is unsuitable for children or anyone with a semi-intelligent sense of humor. It's better than last year's similarly themed "Couples Retreat" but not by much. 1 star -- Michael Clark

* Knight and Day (PG-13) Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz break out of their collective slumps in this action thriller directed by James Mangold. More "Mission: Impossible" than "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it's not nearly as funny as the trailers indicate but is still quite worthwhile.

3 stars -- MC

* The A-Team (PG-13) -- This adaptation of the '80s action/adventure TV series is appropriately and unapologetically cheesy in all the right places yet still manages to eke out a few brilliant moments thanks to its (mostly) dead-on casting choices and modest expectations.

3 stars -- MC

* Get Him to the Greek (R) -- The not-quite-a-sequel to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" features Russell Brand as the drug and sex-addicted rock singer Aldous Snow. Starting off with promise, the movie loses a lot of steam toward the end. 21/2 stars -- MC

* Toy Story 3 (G) As hard as it might be to believe, the (hopefully) final installment in this landmark animated trilogy is actually better than its two predecessors. It is an unqualified masterpiece and the only film in history with the number "3" (or higher) in its title to achieve such a high level of artistic and entertainment greatness. 4 stars -- MC

* Harry Brown (R) -- Michael Caine shines as the title character -- an unassuming retired British soldier driven to vigilante violence after a rash of gang-related crime in his otherwise peaceful neighborhood. 3 stars -- MC

* Marmaduke (PG) -- Bearing little resemblance to the quaint panel comic that "inspired" it, this atrocious, lame and bad-taste family action/comedy with talking canines features a slew of OK voice performances but that's about it. 1/2 star -- MC