MOVIE REVIEW: Now showing

Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

• Extraordinary Measures (PG) Far more ordinary than extra, this disease-of-the-week melodrama starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford is predictable and sappy but deserves bonus points for addressing behind-the-scenes health care finance issues. 2 stars — Michael Clark

• That Evening Sun (PG-13) Hal Holbrook is in his usual top-notch form as an aging Tennessee widower involved in a battle of wills with the family now renting his home. Southern Gothic to the core, the movie takes a lot of chances and provides no easy answers. 3 stars — MC

• Tooth Fairy (PG) Dwayne Johnson stars as an angry, washed-up hockey player who is whisked away by a celestial fairy (Julie Andrews) and given an attitude adjustment overhaul. Safe enough for family consumption, but not at all recommended. 1 star — MC

• The Book of Eli (PG-13) The Hughes Brothers ("From Hell") deliver a spiritual 180 with this post-apocalyptic cross between "The Road" and "Mad Max." Denzel Washington stars as the title character, a sword-wielding loner on a mission looking to spread the word. 3 stars — Michael Clark

• Crazy Heart (R) Golden Globe (and probable Oscar) winner Jeff Bridges plays a washed-up, alcoholic country singer in this highly uneven and predictable drama that is a mostly watered-down take on "Tender Mercies." Maggie Gyllenhaal co-stars as the love interest. 21/2 stars — MC

• The Lovely Bones (PG-13) Director Peter Jackson's adaptation of the best-selling novel about the murder of a teen girl is a well-intended disaster. The shiny/happy afterlife fantasy sequences are ill-fitting alongside the more stark and lurid murder/mystery segments. 2 stars — MC

• The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (PG) After the death of leading man Heath Ledger midway through, director Terry Gilliam was forced to revamp his already acid-trip movie and he recovered splendidly. It is a fitting and moving send-off for Ledger. 3 stars — MC

• Leap Year (PG-13) Leads Amy Adams and Matthew Goode take what would have surely been a thoroughly awful romantic comedy and turned it into something barely tolerable. 21/2 stars — MC

• The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (PG-13) This "lost" screenplay by Tennessee Williams on which this film is based should have remained undiscovered. Thin, trite, badly acted and often unintentionally funny, it is a virtual parody of the writer's classic efforts. 1 star — MC

• Young in Revolt (R) Thanks to a sharp script, a talented leading lady (newbie Portia Doubleday) and the chance to play an evil alter ego, Michael Cera finally proves he's capable of doing something beyond the typical winsome and vulnerable lovelorn geek.

3 stars — MC