Snellville accepts city attorney's contract

SNELLVILLE -- By unanimous vote Monday night, Snellville City Council members approved attorney Tony Powell's contract for services with the city. Powell replaces former Snellville city attorney Mike Williams, who was not re-appointed to his seat after miscalculating the number of days legally required between the call for a referendum and the vote deciding Sunday alcohol sales.

Councilwoman Kelly Kautz opposed Powell's appointment two weeks ago on the grounds that the council's own policy was not being followed. Kautz maintained that sealed bids for the position of city attorney should have been solicited. The councilwoman made it clear earlier this month that her opposition had nothing to do with Powell's competence as an attorney.

Kautz expressed her approval of Powell's contract for services Monday, noting that his list of fees was "one of the lowest, if not the lowest," that the city had received when bids were submitted to the city several months ago.