OUT IN THE CROWD: Mixed Nuts offers comedy from the female perspective

Sue Ryerson said "Mixed Nuts" is a moniker that suits her group of comedians well.

Take a handful of funny women, sprinkle in some salt, and you get just that.

But there's no quirky story about how the name was selected.

"It was one of, god, 25 different names that got thrown around and we finally decided on it because we needed a name," Ryerson laughed. "So it was nothing special."

What is special is the diversity -- the mix -- of the women who make up Mixed Nuts. From a 40-something New Jersey native to a 6-foot-tall self-described know-it-all, the ladies of Mixed Nuts are as unique as their individual stand-up routines.

"Each of us has a different style," said Debra Cole. "Mia (Jackson) is very melodramatic (with) more physical humor (in) her act and my stuff is more intellectual kind of jokes and it's a lot more sarcasm with mine. Sue, she's from a different part of the country, she's a little bit older than us, so she has a different perspective than Mia and I."

Gwinnett residents can get into the mix with all three comics -- and guest comedian Karen Hilton -- on Saturday at New Dawn Theater in Duluth. The four ladies will each perform their own stand-up routines offering up female perspectives on topics ranging from politics and current events to the joys of being 40.

And while the lineup is all female, don't expect the butt of their jokes to be the opposite sex.

"For some strange reason, people get the idea that female comics spend their time on stage talking about men or bashing men, so we just tend to stay away from the subject entirely," Cole said. "It's more of a myth. It's not even true. I don't know of any female comics that spend the majority of their time on that subject."

The doors at New Dawn Theater will open at 7:30 p.m. and the first comic will take the stage at 8. Reservations for the show are recommended and can be made by calling call 678-887-5015 or visiting www.newdawntheatercompany.com. For more information on the ladies of Mixed Nuts, visit www.mixednutsofcomedy.com.