POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Member of Oxendine hunting party shot

Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine's son was involved in a hunting accident last weekend.

Oxendine, who lives in Duluth, and his sons were quail hunting in north Georgia Sunday when the incident occurred.

While four people shot at a bird at about the same time, officials determined that it was the 13-year-old's weapon that caused the "peppering" of another man on the hunt, said David Crim, the chief of staff of Oxendine's campaign for governor.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but Crim said the only treatment required for the leg injury was a tetanus shot.

"It is very fortunate that nobody was hurt seriously," Oxendine said in a statement. "I have been an outdoorsman and hunter all my life and have great respect for gun safety. This has certainly been a lesson to my son, and hope it will be to others."

Gwinnett delegation participates in GPA's Publishers' Day

The Gwinnett delegation to the General Assembly was center stage last week at the Georgia Press Association's Publishers' Day at the Statehouse.

In his remarks, state Sen. Don Balfour, R-Snellville, told the group of newspaper publishers that some of his constituents have the mistaken notion that trimming the state budget should be easy.

"They tell me to 'Just cut the fat.'" Balfour said the cuts already go much deeper. "We're through the fat and we've been cutting muscle. You don't want to cut muscle, but you have to. Eventually, you get to the point where you ask 'Do we take the right leg or the left?'"

Also addressing the crowd representing 36 newspapers from across the state was state Rep. Donna Sheldon, R-Dacula.

But the local star was state Rep. Brooks Coleman, R-Duluth, who addressed the group at lunch. For nearly an hour, Coleman, 70 and a motivational speaker when not

legislating, engaged the crowd with his renowned Roy Rogers inspirational talk. He then deputized everyone in the room as a member in good standing of the Brooks Coleman Riders Club, complete with signed certificate.

An hour later, Brooks was back in the House overseeing passage of several pieces of education legislation he sponsored. A busy day.

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Publisher J.K. Murphy contributed to this report.

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