Suspect testifies she doesn't remember stabbing husband

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Laurie Alexander took the stand Friday, testifying in her murder trial that she has no recollection of fatally stabbing her husband two years ago.

Prosecutors believe explicit text messages Laurie found on Kent Alexander's cell phone on the evening of Dec. 7, 2007, sent her into a fit of rage that culminated in the former Cherryville athlete's death.

Laurie admitted there was an altercation and that she suspected Kent of having several affairs. She said she was "disgusted" to learn that another woman had been inside her home and in her bed, but that she would never intentionally stab anyone, let alone her husband.

"I would never knowingly have harmed him; I took care of him," Laurie said. "I was the only one who took care of him."

According to Laurie, she awoke on the morning of Dec. 8 to find Kent dead on the kitchen floor of their Dacula home. She testified that she thought he might have finally succumbed to years of drug and alcohol abuse, suffering a fatal heart attack or ulcer.

Police initially labeled the death suspicious but later charged Laurie with murder.

Days after being arrested, Laurie said, her memory slowly began to come back to her in jailhouse dreams. While she denies remembering the fatal encounter, she said she now recalls enough to know that she was attacked in the kitchen.

I remember being in front of the stove ... there was something in my hand (but) I don't know what" she testified. That's when she said Kent bound from his chair and knocked her to the ground.

"I turn to face him and everything goes white," she continued.

After a scuffle, Laurie said she recalls crawling into a powder room and that's where her memory of the evening's events end.

An autopsy revealed Kent's blood alcohol content to be higher than 0.3 percent, more than three times the legal driving limit. Laurie said she only drank part of a martini that evening, but was on blood pressure medicine and had taken more Xanax than normal in an attempt to sleep.

Defense attorney Jeff Sliz, earlier in the trial, offered that perhaps Kent, reportedly in financial trouble and hooked on prescription medication, killed himself.

Gwinnett Medical Examiner Dr. Carol Terry said Kent's wound did not fit the mold of traditional self-inflicted, accidental or homicidal stabbings.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Monday.