Nonprofits had some Christmas wishes come true

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Like many other local nonprofits, Family Promise of Gwinnett compiled a wish list this past holiday season.

Following an outpouring of giving from the Gwinnett community, that organization, and others, found that some wishes do come true.

JCPenney at the Mall of Georgia fulfilled one of Family Promise's wishes, donating almost 100 new, white bath towels. The organization, which provides services to homeless families, also received several sheet sets from individual donors, fulfilling another of its wishes.

"I had not been asking for towels, and this is the first time I had put towels and sheets on a wish list," said Brent Bohannon, executive director of Family Promise, "so I know those are a direct result of that."

The Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services also received a donation toward its wish list during the holiday season -- a flat screen computer monitor.

The Coalition manages the Gwinnett Helpline, which connects callers with health and human services agencies in the community.

"We have some really old, big monitors and our desks are small, so flat screen monitors are truly a welcome gift," said Suzy Bus, director of the Helpline. "Gwinnett residents are the volunteers that answer the phones and to have a more user-friendly space really recognizes their giving and helping."

The Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry was blessed with a donation of copier paper, reams and reams of hole-punched paper, from Bank of America.

"It was a real blessing," said Linda Freund, director of the co-op, a sentiment that was echoed by Bohannon.

"It's very exciting to see the community respond like they did," Bohannon said. "Just about everything that was on our list was covered, and it just about came all at once. It was definitely a blessing."