Testimony: Murder victim's stab wound atypical

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Ronald "Kent" Alexander died from a single puncture to his abdomen that missed his heart by a couple inches, testified Gwinnett Medical Examiner Dr. Carol Terry.

The wound did not fit the mold of traditional self-inflicted, accidental or homicidal stabbings, Terry said. She said most wound patterns born of rage involve multiple lacerations, with defensive wounds evident on the victim.

Attorney Jeff Sliz, defending Alexander's wife, Laurie, who's accused of killing him, pointed to the size difference between the Alexanders to show she couldn't have overpowered him. At 6 feet 4 inches, Kent towered over his wife by a foot and outweighed her by 70 pounds.

Terry said the blood alcohol content of Kent's body tested at higher than 0.3 percent, or more than three times the legal threshold for driving in Georgia.

By the time his body was examined at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2007, Kent had been dead for eight to 16 hours, Terry testified. Laurie told investigators she'd gone to bed the previous night after the couple argued about his mistress at 11:30 p.m.

In an interview with investigators taped hours after Kent's body was reported, Laurie said she'd swiped her husband's cell phone from him, discovered he'd been seeing another woman, then shouted at him. She consumed two Xanax tablets -- four times her normal dosage -- so she could sleep, she said.

"I never take two Xanax, but after reading all those text messages, I said 'screw it,'" she said on tape, played before a jury Thursday afternoon.

When told by investigators her husband had died from a stabbing, Laurie appeared overcome with emotion, crying loudly at intervals. She repeatedly told police she'd been heavily medicated, and that she had no recollection of seeing her husband until the next morning, when she found him "completely stiff" on the kitchen floor, she said in the interview.

Prosecutors believe the text messages sent Laurie into a rage that ended with Kent's death. She faces counts of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and weapons possession.

On tape, Laurie said the revelation of her husband's infidelities was "really irrelevant."

"I didn't kill my husband," she said, and later: "I would never think of stabbing anybody."

Testimony is expected to resume today and could conclude early next week.