• Open since: Mid-November

• Location: Sen is situated in a large shopping center off Peachtree Parkway in Suwanee near Johns Creek.

• Asparagus and crab soup - Vietnamese soup with fresh asparagus and crab meat simmered in chicken broth and garnished with cilantro, scallions and black pepper, $5.50

• Caramelized salmon - Salmon slow-cooked in a Vietnamese caramelized sauce topped with sauteed bell pepper, orange zest and white onions, served with white rice, cucumbers and tomatoes, $13.50

• Flat rice noodles - An authentic dish made with bundles of steamed, fine rice noodles topped with a choice of grilled meat or seafood, roasted peanuts, fried onion and seared green onion served with a platter of salad and a side of fish sauce, $14.50 to $15.50, depending on the choice of meat

• Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Wednesday and Sundays and 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday

• Owners: Sen is Doraville residents Justin Phan's and Don Wong's first venture

• Atmosphere: The entrance to Sen is decorated with an interior waterscape that hints at the earthy yet upscale dining area just inside another set of doors. Regular tables as well as four-top booth/table combinations are provided. The walls are decorated with a fusion of Vietnamese and Chinese decor.

• Menu: The owners of Sen, along with their executive chef, Wong's mother Hong Truong, have crafted extensive lunch and dinner menus that blend traditional Vietnamese dishes influenced by French, Chinese and Thai cultures with Americanized selections, offering something to suit all tastes. Sen specializes in savory grilled meats and promotes healthy, yet flavorful fare, balancing four tastes: spicy, sour, salty and sweet.

Sen's most popular appetizers are the signature house salad — green mango and papaya and Fuji apple tossed with mint, cilantro and Vietnamese flavored pickles topped with a choice of grilled meat, roasted peanuts and fried onions then drizzled with a fish sauce — and the grape leaves — a mixture of meats marinated with fresh herbs served over a bed of salad topped with roasted peanuts, fried onion and drizzled with fish sauce.

The most popular entrees are the five-spice lamb racks — char-grilled marinated lamb racks served with egg noodles and baby spinach — and the chicken and beef curries — slow-cooked meats with coconut milk, carrots and potatoes. The Vietnamese crepe — turmeric rice flour pan fried with fresh shrimp, green onion and bean — is also a customer favorite.

Since opening in November, Sen has added Vietnamese pho to its menu, both beef and chicken broths served with rice noodles and respective meats.

For dessert, Phan suggests the million dollar cake with three layers of chocolate and one layer of cheesecake.

Sen serves wine and imported and domestic beers, as well as sodas, tea and coffee.

• Things you might not know: Sen takes its name from the lotus blossom, Phan said, to inspire purity and freshness in the cuisine.