BISHER: Tiger scenario a bigger blow to his role as parent than golfer

Now that all the mystery has been wrenched out of Tiger Woods' midnight drive, what next?

Though his wife, Elin, is the victim, Tiger has been directing advice to the media on how his case should be handled. He has been toppled from his pedestal, but he still takes his position as king of the hill. In the public eye he is defenseless, but he hasn't yet come to grips with it.

This is an opposite case of cuckolding, and there is no recovery for the victim. Sweeten the pot with all the millions he can, the specter of "the other woman" (or, as we're told women) will not go away. And the question you find yourself asking over and over again is: What is it that the man who has everything can be looking for?

And why shouldn't Jesper Parnevik be privileged to speak his mind on the matter? He and his wife brought Elin from Sweden to be their four children's nanny. When he says he's sorry that he introduced them, why shouldn't he be?

She was in the Parneviks' charge. They introduced Elin to Tiger at the British Open at Royal Lytham in 2001. I would suggest that the Parneviks had a paternal interest in her.

"I thought he was a better guy than he is," Jesper said.

Actually, this was intended to be a stand-up comparison between the careers of Woods and Jack Nicklaus as golfing fathers. Nicklaus wins that comparison hands down. Father of five, backed by my "Mother of Any Year," Barbara. Here is the greatest player of all time who never short-changed fatherhood.

Jack was there when there was a football game, a soccer match or whatever the kids might be involved in that didn't take him away from his golfing obligations.

I've drifted somewhat, but all this does is substantiate Nicklaus as the greatest of them all. Five kids, all through college, grandchildren — a divorce or two — but never a dent in the parental armor. Then here's Tiger, a 2-year-old, another not yet 1, and heaven knows where that family goes from here. In all honesty I must say this is the most devastating thing I would have ever expected of Tiger as a husband and father.

Once, I wrote that when he had a family, with all the obligations that go with it, we'd then see what kind of a golfing father he would be. Now we know.

Furman Bisher is one of the deans of American sports writing. The longtime Atlanta sports journalist writes periodic columns for the Daily Post.