LETTERS: Something stinks when full pay is given for so much unused leave

The topic of paid accrued leave in a government setting seems to be drawing a lot of criticism. What is obvious is that a great contract was fashioned just for Jock Connell.

Since the article ("County retiree pockets $300K," Jan. 6, Page 1A) did not say who made the "deal," we can only assume it was the Board of Commissioners. What I am surprised about is the fact that a government agency, by policy or individual, is allowed to offer full pay for all unused leave. Many states, including Louisiana, will only pay employees full pay on the first 300 hours of unused annual leave. Any other unused leave is paid on an actuarial basis, which essentially amounts to 25 cents on the dollar.

Accrued leave is a great benefit in itself, something most private companies do not allow to be accumulated. So then why must Gwinnett taxpayers pay for unused leave at the employee's full rate of pay? Maybe Engage Gwinnett can solve this "policy" problem also.

— Tony Caruso