Film Fans: 'It's Complicated' a fantastic romantic comedy

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4 stars out of 4

A thoroughly delightful, engaging, and very funny movie chronicling marriage, divorce and all the emotional excesses that goes with them. This movie rings all the bells with such charm and humor that it legitimately borders on one of the best movies of the year. The screenplay is flawless and the actors are superb in this little jewel.

Meryl Streep provides an Academy Award performance on the emotions, fears and uncertainties in balancing divorce with older children. Alec Baldwin is the perfect, imperfect husband and ex. Steve Martin adds the right depth to the mix. The supporting cast is great and the laughs and tears are effortlessly displayed in this superior work. Go see perhaps the best movie for 2009! Who would have known?

— Rick Wright, Auburn

4 stars out of 4

This was a fantastically crafted movie. It worked on all levels and entertained from beginning to end. The director, Nancy Meyers, painted a beautiful picture on the screen. Pay attention to the depth she uses to show how the characters feel and interact.

The characters were believable in their roles. Who knew Steve Martin could play the straight man to Meryl Streep's comedic lead? Alec Baldwin made us feel his pain. The minor characters had some of the best scenes.

The plot was interwoven with many conflicts on different levels. The scenery backdrop of L.A. and New York was used to add to the storyline. The resolution of conflicts was handled expertly and efficiently. This is what all romantic comedies should be.

If you want to see a funny, romantic comedy — this is it. Take your date to see it and you both will come out in a great mood.

— Chris Weinert, Lawrenceville