Winder police officer honored

WINDER -- Police Chief Stanley Rodgers and Mayor Chip Thompson recognized police Capt. Dennis Dorsey on Tuesday night, listing professional and personal accomplishments that distinguish the young officer from most.

Dorsey began his law enforcement career in 1994 with the Barrow County Sheriff's Office. He went to work for the city of Winder in 1996, and is "one of the most highly trained officers in our department," said Rodgers.

A graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Dorsey excelled physically and academically during that grueling training period.

As part of the FBI training, Dorsey ran a 6.2 -mile race dubbed "The Yellow Brick Road."

According to Rodgers, not only did he run the race in the rain and bitter cold, he also ran it dressed as a lion. Other cadets were dressed as the tin man, scarecrow and even Dorothy. The stunt helped raise awareness for area children's charities.

"He's dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children," Rodgers said.

Included in the long list of the young officer's accomplishments are his emergency management training, his position as public information officer for the Winder Police Department and school resource officer training.

Rodgers said Tuesday that he would like for Dorsey to be considered for the position of chief of police "when the time comes."

Thompson presented Dorsey with a certificate in recognition of his numerous contributions to the city.

New councilmen sworn in

Bob Dixon, Winder's newly elected councilman, joined re-elected councilmen Sonny Morris and Ridley Parrish on Tuesday in taking oaths of office. Judge Penn McWhorter did the honors, noting that Morris has served the city for 23 years and Parrish for 17 years.

McWhorter, a distant cousin of Thompson, has lived in Winder since 1960 and has performed the swearing-in for councilmen and mayors for decades.

New FEMA flood plains outlined

City administrator Bob Beck announced Tuesday that the new FEMA flood plain maps are available for residents to view. With changes in topography and development, flood plain areas are occasionally re-drawn to reflect those changes.

In order for property owners to be able to obtain flood insurance from the Federal government, their property must be noted to lie within a designated flood plain. Winder citizens can view the new flood plain maps on the city Web site, www.cityofwinder.com.