PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Elton says he's helping Eminem battle drugs

Elton says he's helping Eminem battle drugs

LONDON -- Elton John said he has been helping American rapper Eminem fight drug problems for more than a year.

John said Eminem is succeeding in his well-publicized battle against substance abuse.

John told BBC Radio Saturday that as a recovered drug abuser he is happy to help people if they want the assistance but drugs make people so cocky and arrogant that they often reject help.

Shania Twain carries Olympic torch in Canada

TIMMINS, Ontario -- Shania Twain carried the Olympic torch the final 400 yards into Hollinger Park, cheered on by thousands of parka-clad fans who turned out in arctic conditions to see the hometown hero in person Friday night.

After making her final turn toward the stage, Twain paused, held the torch aloft in her mittened left hand and waved to the crowd. The country star then bounded the final few yards onto the stage, where she lit the Olympic cauldron.

''I feel proud, very proud,'' Twain said. ''It's a highlight of my life to be able to carry the flame, to light the cauldron.''

Kathy Griffin makes vulgar quip on CNN

NEW YORK -- For the second straight year, comedian Kathy Griffin ushered in the new year by saying something vulgar on CNN.

During the network's live New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square, Griffin was joking with co-host Anderson Cooper about how to pronounce the first name of ''balloon boy'' Falcon Heene when she mumbled something that sounded a little like ''Falcon'' and a lot like the F-word.

Cooper hung his head, shook it and said ''You're terrible,'' before resuming his banter.

The network said in a statement Friday that it ''regrets that profanity was used during our New Year's Eve coverage.''