Lawrenceville couple welcomes first baby of new year

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

LAWRENCEVILLE -- As the clocked ticked closer to midnight on the last day of the decade, Hina Noorani's family couldn't decide which birthday would be better for their new daughter.

"My husband wanted to end the year off in a good way. My mom wanted to start the year off in a good way," said Noorani, who lives in Lawrenceville.

What they got, after more than 24 hours of labor and an emergency C-section, was the first new Gwinnettian in the new decade. Baby Amyra, which means "princess," was born at 12:50 a.m. at Gwinnett Medical Center.

After a rough economy in the past year, the Nooranis said their little princess is a sign of a stellar decade to come, as their Pakistani culture believes girls bring good luck.

The doctor apologized to Amin Noorani for missing out on a 2009 tax write-off, but the new father didn't mind.

"I'll get it next year," he said with a laugh.

Amyra, who arrived nearly two weeks earlier than expected, weighed seven pounds, four ounces and was 20.25 inches long.

Emory Eastside Medical Center in Snellville also welcomed a girl as its first baby of 2010.

Hailey Charran was born at 2:29 a.m., spokeswoman Pattie Page said. Hailey weighed six pounds, nine ounces and was 19 inches long.