Light shed on year-old slaying

LAWRENCEVILLE -- It was a conspiracy to rob rival drug dealers that went drastically wrong. Or was it?

Police have arrested two men in connection with the fatal shooting of 38-year-old Gabriel D'Alessio-Silveiro, found gunned down in his Azalea Drive mobile home near Norcross on Jan. 14 last year, marking Gwinnett's second homicide of 2009.

But investigators believe D'Alessio-Silveiro had been shot earlier -- by his own cash-hungry team -- in a supposed Lilburn stash house operated by a rival faction.

Statements from suspects have blurred the anatomy of the shooting somewhere between friendly fire and set-up. No motive has been publicly released.

Gwinnett police spokesman Officer Brian Kelly shed light this week on an 82-page police report and a case that's led investigators to Miami and back.

Most recently, police arrested Miguel Abreu, 30, on murder charges last month. An alleged co-conspirator, Donald Jones-Buonpensiere, 24, was booked in Gwinnett a couple weeks after the killing after he'd been picked up in Miami on unrelated charges.

Jones-Buonpensiere and the victim were old friends, and both murder suspects raided the Lilburn stash house with him, Kelly said.

"They were all on the same side," Kelly said. "The other faction wasn't even there. The victim was shot, twice, when he and his crew stormed (in)."

Following the shooting, the team drove D'Alessio-Silveiro home, called 911, and fled, Kelly said. Police found the victim just after midnight, shot in his right leg and shoulder. He later died at Gwinnett Medical Center.

Kelly said neither crew is affiliated with any recognized gang. All but the victim, a native of Uruguay, hail from the Dominican Republic, he said.

Both suspects await prosecution at the Gwinnett County Jail without bond. The investigation continues.