Suwanee police obtain state recertification

SUWANEE -- The Suwanee police department has earned state recertification, an honor earned by the hard work and team effort of city staff and officers.

This is the second re-certification earned by the department, and the distinction keeps the department in good standing with the state for another three years. The department was first certified in 2000 and recertified in 2005.

"The Suwanee police department has shined" in the state certification program, according to Frank Rotondo, executive director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. Meeting 118 state standards, the city's police department is among only 94 in the state to achieve the distinction.

"As an agency, we have been able to reach our goal of recertification because of the support of each officer, dispatcher, detective and support staff," said police chief Mike Jones.

"This award also goes to the city of Suwanee, its citizens," said Chief Stacy Cotton, president of the GACP. "People take it upon themselves to form municipalities because they want a higher level of service."

Lt. Dan Clark, the Suwanee officer who served as the point man during the recertification process, was also recognized Tuesday for his dedication to the project.

Spelling bee winner honored

Suwanee mayor Dave Williams publicly honored Shruthi Santhanam on Tuesday, Gwinnett County's spelling bee winner. The fourth-grade student at Suwanee Elementary school spelled the word "mosquitoey" to win the county bee.

Santhanam advances to Saturday's District Spelling Bee. Williams presented the young student a framed letter of congratulations, wishing her well in the upcoming competition.