Indictments handed down for murder

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Lawrenceville woman accused of killing an infant she was baby-sitting was indicted on murder charges Thursday.

Latasha Dione Malone, 35, also faces charges of felony murder, aggravated battery and first-degree child cruelty in the alleged Feb. 7, 2009, incident.

According to reports, authorities responded to Malone's Garrison Square townhome on Old Peachtree Road and found 6-week-old Jaden Jamison unresponsive and with a swollen lip.

Malone reportedly told police that she and her 4-year-old son had fallen asleep in the same bed with the child and when she woke up, Jaden was not breathing.

Based on medical reports and autopsy results, police said, Malone was interviewed and arrested about three months later. The cause of death, reports said, was a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage.

Jaden was a relative of Malone, she reportedly told police.

Jail records indicate that at the time of the alleged incident, Malone was free on bond for allegedly attacking her 15-year-old daughter.

In a separate indictment, three men are also facing felony murder charges in an alleged botched drug deal turned robbery.

Police believe Emmanuel Marcus Nettlesbey shot Darrell Stringer and Keiven Rhodes at the Valencia Park apartment complex on Nov. 19. All three men are from Norcross.

Stringer, 23, died from his injuries.

According to reports, a quarter pound of marijuana was at the center of the incident and Nettlesbey was the target of the attempted robbery. Police said Nettlesbey was interested in selling the weed to Rhodes and Keith Gillespie, while they planned on stealing it.

Gillespie and Rhodes grabbed Nettlesbey, according to indictments, before Nettlesbey opened fire.

"Since the indicted parties were knowingly engaged in a felony when the shooting occurred, they have each been charged with felony murder," said Gwinnett police spokesman Officer Brian Kelly.