Grayson extends sign moratorium

GRAYSON -- The Grayson City Council granted a temporary extension Monday night to the sign moratorium enacted in December.

The extension was granted to allow the city more time to bring its ordinance up-to-date concerning neon store windows signs.

"We haven't finished the ordinance yet, so we needed a resolution to extend it until the next meeting on March 15," Mayor Jim Hinkle said.

In addition, the council agreed to permit businesses in town to make an application to display banners, such as those for tax season, during the moratorium.

The council asked City Planner Steve Sappington to finish a draft on the sign ordinance.

"This is so everyone can have a good look at it," Hinkle said, adding that it should be on the city's web page by the end of the week. The next steps would be presentation to the City Planning and Zoning Board, and then back to the council.

The Council also adopted its precious metals dealers ordinance which is similar to regulations regarding pawn shops.

"It's essentially the same as the Gwinnett County ordinance," Hinkle said. "We do want to check with the county to see how they want to issue the permits."

The city ordinance requires businesses which pay cash for gold and jewelry to report these transactions by requiring patrons to be fingerprinted and photographed in an effort to stop stolen items from being sold in the city.

Gwinnett County Chief of Police Charles Walters had asked the council to pursue enactment of a precious metals ordinance.

In other business, the council:

* Decided to pursue an engineering study to see how much it would cost to alleviate the flooding problems in the Pinegrove Valley subdivision.

* Heard a report from Sappington who said he needed to get final approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation on the type of trees to plant for the landscaping of road medians funded by a Gateway grant.

Mayor Hinkle also said he would check on the reason that the traffic light at Rosebud Road and Grayson Parkway is not working correctly.


kevin 2 years, 9 months ago

Looks like this city does things by the seat of its pants on an as-need basis. No forward planning here except as far as their noses.


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