POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: A Valentine's Day message from the Bannisters

Staff Photo: Jonathan Phillips. Charles Bannister and his wife Glenda offer some words on a successful marriage.

Staff Photo: Jonathan Phillips. Charles Bannister and his wife Glenda offer some words on a successful marriage.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, my co-worker Deanna Allen set out this week to interview couples about what it takes to have a successful marriage.

She cornered Chairman Charles Bannister and his wife Glenda after Wednesday's State of the County address, but unfortunately there wasn't room on our Community page for their answers.

Instead, we'll give you their words of wisdom here.

When Allen asked, "What's the secret to a long and successful marriage?" Bannister quipped, "Do what your wife says."

Then the Lilburn man turned serious: "There's too much to tell. There's a lot of things, the old give and take and push and pull and work with each other and get mad and make up, just a lot of things that makes it happen. But the main thing is that you still care how things will be tomorrow."

After 47 and a half years, three children and seven grandchildren, Gwinnett's first lady had similar advice.

"Give and take, a lot of perseverance and just remember the commitment you made on your wedding day," Glenda Bannister said.

Unterman frustrated that her work is misrepresented

Last week, state Sen. Renee Unterman lashed out in frustration about misrepresentation of her efforts to stop the sexual exploitation of children.

"I have worked tirelessly for years to protect the children of Georgia from predatory and despicable acts of sexual exploitation and prostitution," she said in a statement. "I'm severely disappointed and personally insulted that conservative groups I have worked with and supported have chosen to misrepresent all the work I have put into protecting Georgia's children.

"As bills progress through the legislative process, adjustments are made. Senate Bill 304 focuses on providing a system of care to ensure that the innocent victims of child prostitution get the help they need. I am confident that through a continued partnership with 'A Future. Not a Past.', we can stop child prostitution in Georgia and nationally. We cannot wait another second to end the victimization of our children."

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