Quartets to deliver Singing Valentines

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Does the idea of singing to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day have you imagining the worst of the worst "American Idol" rejects?

Are you picturing your sweetheart's reaction to be that of infamous "Idol" judge Simon Cowell?

Members of the Stone Mountain Barbershop Chorus would love to supply the talent to provide the mood music for you.

Male quartets will be delivering Singing Valentines on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, serenading recipients with two love songs -- "Let Me Call you Sweetheart" and "Song of the Rose" -- and hand-delivering a rose and a personalized greeting card.

"This is one of our most enjoyable projects because we get to deliver a unique 'I Love You' message to that special sweetheart," said Bill Banks, project chairman. "We have serenaded both men and women in such varied spots as supermarkets, college and elementary classrooms, business offices, retail shops, doctor's offices, living rooms and residential driveways."

A portion of the proceeds from the Singing Valentines, which start at $50, will be donated to the nonprofit organization Families of Children Under Stress.

Orders for Singing Valentines can be made online at www.stonemountainchorus.org or by calling 770-623-4786.