WORLD IN BRIEF: Attorney says 10 charged in Haiti child case

Attorney says 10 charged in Haiti child case

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Ten Americans detained in Haiti for trying to take 33 children out of the country after the earthquake were charged with child kidnapping and criminal association on Thursday, their Haitian lawyer said.

Edwin Coq said that a judge found sufficient evidence to file charges against the Americans, who were arrested Friday at Haiti's border with the Dominican Republic.

Coq attended Thursday's hearing and has represented the entire group in Haiti.

The U.S. citizens, most of them members of an Idaho-based church group, were whisked away from the closed court hearing to jail in Port-au-Prince, the capital. One of them, Laura Silsby, waved and smiled faintly to reporters but declined to answer questions.

Pakistan: Car bomber may have had help

ISLAMABAD -- Suspicion intensified Thursday that a suicide car bomber who killed three U.S. soldiers training Pakistani troops along the Afghan border had inside information on their movements.

If confirmed that Wednesday's suicide attack was aimed at the Americans, it would indicate an increased sophistication in militant tactics, as well as potential infiltration of extremists in Pakistani security forces.

The attack on U.S.forces occurred in Lower Dir, a northwest district believed to be a crossroads for al-Qaida and the Taliban. The blast also killed three schoolgirls and a Pakistani paramilitary soldier. Two more U.S. soldiers were among dozens wounded.

Officials say suicide bomber kills 6 people

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives near a hotel in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing at least six people and wounding nearly two dozen, officials said.

The blast in Kandahar happened as NATO and Afghan forces are preparing for a joint offensive against Taliban militants in the neighboring province of Helmand in a major bid to break the Taliban stranglehold on the south.

A policeman in the district where the blast occurred, Ahmed Shah Khan, said the bomber's target was not immediately clear, and the explosives may have detonated prematurely.