LETTERS: Prediction of Christian defense for amnesty comes true in guest column

Several weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor that anyone opposing illegal immigration would be castigated as non-Christian by those who support illegal immigration. Just as I predicted, several, to include Sean McKenzie ("We can't wait for comprehensive immigration reform," Jan. 31, Page 6A), have inferred that Christians cannot possibly oppose illegal immigration although he referes to illegal aliens as "undocumented immigrants."

McKenzie goes on to mention "Profiles in Courage," MLK, JFK and even selectively mentions but misinterprets references to scripture in his feeble attempt to confuse and distract those who don't understand how destructive massive illegal immigration really is to our country. Tellingly, McKenzie failed to mention that scripture requires obeying the law.

McKenzie calls himself a Christian, and perhaps he is, but so am I. The major difference is that I also believe in the rule of law. I also believe in United States soverignty, the integrity of our borders and the privileges of American citizenship.

At least McKenzie, a member of pro-amnesty GALEO and CCIR, had the honesty to admit that the vast majority of Americans oppose mass amnesty but that if pro-amnesty advocates act quickly, the will of the average American citizen will be thwarted.

As I stated in my previous letter and I now restate, anyone woo dares to oppose illegal immigration risks being attacked. Thanks to McKenzie for proving my point that anyone who opposes illegal immigration will be attacked.

— Ernest Wade