LETTERS: Illegals have done too much harm to allow amnesty path

The viewpoint of Sean McKenzie ("We can't wait for comprehensive reform," Jan. 31, Page 6A) concerning immigration reform was indicative of the old liberal argument. McKenzie feels illegal aliens should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and put on a pathway to citizenship.

I say, no way. I am all for legal immigration. It has made our country great. Illegal immigration is an entirely different matter. With legal immigration, we can control who is allowed here. With illegal immigration, we have 10 million-plus people who had no review determining if they would be allowed here.

Illegals broke the law by sneaking into the U.S. They have caused major financial problems for cities and counties and have taken jobs from Americans. Also, they have driven down wages for Americans. The majority of them do not speak English. If the tables had been turned and Americans were sneaking into Mexico, the Mexican government would not hesitate to kick them out.

Why should we not do the same?

— Joel Armistead