PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Second arrest in break-in at Tyler Perry home

Second arrest in break-in at Tyler Perry home

ATLANTA — A second teen has been charged with breaking into filmmaker Tyler Perry’s home in Atlanta.

Kamisha Boozer was arrested Wednesday and charged with prowling and criminal trespass. A judge released her on $1,000 bond for each count.

Her defense attorney said the 17-year-old was not at the break-in and that another defendant gave her name to authorities.

Atlanta police said the break-in at Perry’s home was captured on a video system. A bodyguard grabbed 18-year-old Chloe Ware moments after last week’s intrusion and turned her over to police. Two others escaped.

Police spokesman Curtis Davenport said investigators expect to have a third suspect in custody soon.

Everything’s coming up roses for Paula Deen

PASADENA, Calif. — Paula Deen is out of her element.

Instead of a kitchen, the Food Network’s Southern-cooking queen was holding court Thursday in a lavish hotel suite. And instead of being home for the holidays in Savannah she’s ringing in the new year serving as grand marshal of today’s Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

‘‘I have rehearsed my wave,’’ she announced, with a playful grin. ‘‘They informed me that there are four or five different waves. One is the figure eight. One is the queen. One is screwing in a light bulb. But, would you like me to show you the Paula Deen wave?’’

Deen then raised both arms in the air, shook them frantically, and laughed long, loud and hard.

She admitted she wasn’t so excited when first pitched the grand-marshal gig, thinking the pitch was a prank. Then, after learning the offer was legit, she thought she was being told she was just one of many being considered.

It took a giant bouquet from the Tournament of Roses selection committee to fully convince her she was it. ‘‘I went over and read the card and it said, ’Thank you for accepting the role of grand marshal.’ I screamed bloody murder.’’