Business challenging locals to lose weight

LAWRENCEVILLE — Are you ready to lose it?

Starting in January, a local business is challenging local residents to do just that, with a 12-week weight loss contest meant to help Gwinnettians shed pounds while raising awareness about the proper way to do so.

Gwinnett’s Losing It! is presented by Start With the Inside, a Lawrenceville-based company that aims to help people with the physical, nutritional and emotional aspects of weight loss.

Sandi Porter started the organization after a battle with her own weight. A contest similar to this one spurred her to finally drop the pounds and ultimately become a physical trainer.

“I just want to educate the community about the safe and effective way to lose weight,” Porter said. “Ten years ago I won a contest like this and it changed my life. I was obese for eight years, and after I won the contest I went on to complete my goals.

“Since then I’ve had a healthy and fit life.”

The contest will run from Jan. 3 through March 25, with applications accepted until Dec. 31. The program — which includes meetings, video conferences and workouts with Start With the Inside trainers — is $199.

While it is a contest, the ultimate goal is to achieve a life-changing experience, Porter said.

“(Weight loss the right way) is a combination of three things, your physical workouts, nutrition and your emotional well-being,” she said. “If you don’t have those three things working together, you’re not going to have lasting success in where you want to be. A lot of people are so used to quick fixes, they lose a bunch of weight and they gain it all back.

“When I get a client and they lose weight, I don’t ever want them to gain it back. You change your lifestyle.”

For more information or to register, visit www.startwiththeinside.com or e-mail Porter at sandi@startwiththeinside.com.