PEOPLE: Report: TV chef admitted plan to kill wife

Report: TV chef admitted plan to kill wife

LOS ANGELES — A former TV chef known as the ‘‘calorie commando’’ told police he tried to hire homeless men to kill his wife to relieve her misery about being unable to have children.

The details were released Tuesday in a probation report on Juan-Carlos Cruz, who was sentenced Monday to nine years in prison.

Cruz said he and his wife Jennifer Campbell spent more than $200,000 on failed fertility treatments over 10 years and were deep in debt as a result.

‘‘His wife was brokenhearted and lamenting over the treatments. The defendant then said that this was a ’merciful’ way to end her suffering,’’ the report states.

Cruz told authorities he considered killing himself and his wife on Mother’s Day because it was the most difficult holiday for her but instead decided to hire someone to slash her throat.

Usher kicked in face by fan

NEW YORK — Being a sex symbol has its dangers as Usher learned firsthand at his New York City concert.

The crooner brought an ecstatic female fan onstage Monday night for a serenade of his sensual song ‘‘Trading Places’’ at Madison Square Garden. He sat her on a couch while he caressed her.

Then, after they changed positions, the overexcited fan tried to move her leg to get closer to him. Her stiletto boot heel knocked him in the nose.

The fan tried to smooth things over by massaging Usher’s face. Usher wasn’t hurt and cracked a joke about it.

George Clinton sues Peas over song sampling

LOS ANGELES — George Clinton wants a federal judge to force the Black Eyed Peas to shut up when it comes to sampling his music.

The funk pioneer sued the Grammy-winning pop group in Los Angeles on Friday, claiming it used his music in remixes of the their song ‘‘Shut Up.’’

The song first appeared on the group’s 2003 album ‘‘Elephunk,’’ and it released ‘‘Shut Up Remix’’ the same year. Clinton’s lawsuit states he recently learned the remix included elements of his 1979 song, ‘‘(Not Just) Knee Deep.’’