State to widen Ga. 20 over Chattahoochee

SUGAR HILL — State officials are moving forward with the widening of one of Gwinnett’s popular routes over the Chattahoochee River.

The State Transportation Board agreed to pay $30 million to purchase land needed for the widening of Ga. Highway 20 in Gwinnett and Forsyth.

“Looking at the northern metro area, we desperately need east-west connectivity, and through the authorization of this money today, we were able to fast track the right-of-way acquisition on the two-lane section of (Ga.) 20 from Buford to Cumming,” transportation board Chairman Rudy Bowen of Gwinnett County said. “Our goal is to begin construction on this east-west artery within the next two to three years. I am certain our action today will benefit north Georgia by creating and saving jobs, as well as, improving mobility.”

The money will be added to $11 million in federal funds Gwinnett officials approved earlier this year. Along with a contribution from Forsyth, DOT spokesman Teri Pope said the funds are available now for the 350 parcels needed from Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, over the Chattahoochee to Samples Road in Cumming.

The three separate projects “will certainly benefit us all,” Bowen said.

DOT crews are working on a widening project in the Loganville area. When the northern project is complete, Ga. 20 will be four lanes throughout Gwinnett.