Police: 'Battle ax' used in attacks

LAWRENCEVILLE — A Lawrenceville man is accused of wielding a double-headed “battle ax” while threatening fatal violence in two separate incidents Saturday.

About 7 a.m., Gwinnett police responded to an Old Norcross-Tucker Road residence in reference to a man demanding $200 owed to him while armed with an ax.

Police met with an “extremely animated and agitated” Ashante Stokes, 30, who said someone in the home owed him $200 and had punched him in the stomach. He denied being under the influence of illegal drugs, according to a police report.

One resident said he used to work with Stokes and had been receiving phone calls and text messages from him until he showed up and awoke the three men sleeping inside.

Stokes threatened to kill all three with the ax, according to an arrest warrant.

While interviewing the alleged victim, “Stokes was continuing (his) wild behavior, and it became apparent to me that I had to remove (him) from the scene as quickly as possible,” one officer wrote.

Earlier that morning, Stokes is accused of threatening to kill family members while wielding the weapon at a home on Cedarhurst Road in Lawrenceville.

An arresting officer wrote that Stokes was being unruly in the back seat of a patrol car, throwing his body against the barrier. The officer radioed for assistance from sheriff’s deputies to remove Stokes.

Stokes remains at the Gwinnett County Jail without bond, pending a Dec. 16 probable cause hearing. He’s charged with three counts of aggravated assault and burglary.