Officials report high flu activity

Georgia public health officials have reported a recent increase in flu activity through the state.

The state typically sees a spike in influenza activity in January of February, but saw levels rise in the week ending Nov. 20, Georgia Department of Community Health officials said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its first-ever universal recommendation for flu shots this year, advising that everyone six months and older be vaccinated.

“Flu levels have not reached levels that we experienced during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, however, we are seeing increasing levels of influenza-like illnesses being reported across Georgia,” said Dr. Anil Mangla, DCH’s director of infectious diseases and immunizations.

“Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect you, your loved ones and your community from the flu.”

Flu shots are especially recommended for high-risk groups like children under 18, people over 50, women who are pregnant are people with chronic diseases like diabetes or asthma.

For more information on flu vaccinations, visit www.georgiahealthinfo.gov.