LETTERS: Lincoln Memorial, day of King's speech belong to all

Reading Eugene Robinson’s blast in Sunday’s paper goes beyond far left liberalism.

I first thought that he was writing just to grab attention or maybe to annoy at least one Republican today. I researched some of Mr. Robinson’s articles in the Washington Post and not to my surprise, I found that Mr. Robinson is the poster child of liberalism.

His push to have the mosque near Ground Zero is appalling. Mr. Robinson, I believe, thinks that the Lincoln Memorial belongs to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and perhaps a new statue of Dr. King standing along side President Abraham Lincoln’s would be more appropriate. Then maybe the date of Dr. King’s speech should be set aside as a National Holiday.

Mr. Beck spoke of God often, which scares some folks. You see, this is what the government has been trying to extinguish in our lives, along with the other freedoms given to us by our forefathers. Is it your fear of real American change that bothers you Mr. Robinson? And don’t feel sorry for the people who attended the rally. They don’t want your sympathy. Be proud. Be an American. Be relieved that you will be able to continue writing for the Post because your “rights” will not be taken from you.

It’s a simple article to write. Americans want lower taxes. Americans want legals, not illegals. Americans want their freedoms back. All aboard, Mr. Robinson. This “Freedom Train” is going right through Washington. There may not be room for you later.

— John Smith