CLINE: Good news can rise out of the bad

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

Like most of you, I like when the guy gets the girl, the underdog wins the game, the good guys save the day and everyone lives happily ever after. But we all know the news of the day doesn’t always unfold that way.

Often it’s just the opposite. The big guy often gets his way, bad guys win their share of battles, and as the national foreclosure crisis has taught us, getting to live happily ever after is not a given. As dreary as it can seem, the bad stuff hasn’t cornered the news market. And sometimes some good comes from the bad.

Tuesday’s front-page article about the Lawrenceville Boys and Girls Club reminded us of that. The club recently had its air-conditioning unit stolen, but Coolray Heating and Air, along with equipment partner Trane, came to the rescue by donating a new unit. They didn’t ride in on a white horse, but you can bet the folks at the Boys and Girls Club found them heroic all the same.

An Aug. 22 feature on Sarah Sterner had a similar theme, good stemming from bad. A North Gwinnett High student, Sterner had a brain tumor that required surgery and caused her to miss all but six weeks of her sophomore year.

But her ordeal landed her an unlikely friend and confidant — Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who. Daltrey has long been involved with the Teenage Cancer Trust in England, and Sterner’s plight struck his heart. Again, a horrible situation leading to a happy meeting — and ending.

Tony and Nancy Tijerina’s story has a happy ending as well. But like the aforementioned stories, it didn’t start that way. The Lawrenceville couple was traveling on Interstate 85 when they saw a car run into the median and burst into flames.

Without thinking, Tony Tijerina pulled his car over, and he and his wife, who had trained at Gwinnett County’s Citizens Fire Academy, pulled the victim safely out of the car. Tijerina is a former fire marshal and investigator.

What could have been a front-page story about death on the interstate became a story of ordinary people rising up in a time of need. What could have been tragic became heroic. A sad story became a happy one.

They don’t all turn out that way. The headlines tell us that. But for all the bad news out there, there’s plenty of good. And as we see time and time again, that good news can spring from some unlikely places.

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