LETTERS: $1M turf unwise when other parks need basic fixes

I am happy for the “boys of fall” (and their dads) in Dacula who are now enjoying the million-dollar luxury of artificial turf for Duncan Creek Park. The north side of Gwinnett is truly fortunate to have the county commission on their side when it comes to diverting SPLOST funds for such “improvements.”

But is the commission aware that the county has a south side, with youth football/baseball fields in dire need of basic upgrades? South Gwinnett Athletic Association is the most neglected park in the county. Parents are hawking cases of soft drinks to pay for a scoreboard in disrepair, floodlights are shorting out, the bleachers are falling apart, the baseball fields have only one artificial pitching mound that has to be shared among 8 fields, and the bathrooms are a public health hazard.

Anyone who has or knows a child participating in Gwinnett’s youth sports programs knows that these programs are a worthwhile endeavor, deserving of taxpayer support. However, at a time of tough budget decisions, who on the county commission is questioning the wisdom of allocating $1 million to pay for fake grass when we can’t even get working toilets for our children?

— Lesley Welch Allen