City adds water tower as county tears two down

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Just as crews are tearing down Gwinnett's famed water towers, a new tank is going up in Lawrenceville.

The foundation was poured this week for the city's newest water tower, a 1 million gallon tank planned on Winer Industrial Way.

Unlike the city's 104-foot tall tank on a hill overlooking the town Square, where the high school's black knight mascot is emblazoned, Mayor Rex Millsaps said the new structure won't be as recognizable. In the end, the cement tank will be shorter and squatter, only about 15 feet tall.

Millsaps joked that he could paint "Lawrenceville is greater," a take off the "Gwinnett is great slogan on the county tanks being dismantled alongside Interstate 85. But because the tank will not be very visible, he said it will likely remain blank.

The water tank is part of a $4.8 million project to build a water treatment plant and water department building on Winer Industrial, as part of a move to open several city wells to supply water.

"The biggest thing you have the tank there is for an emergency," Millsaps said. "If there is a big fire in town, you want to make sure the water supply is there."

He added that the tank would fill during the night to be ready to pump water at the peak morning hours when people are beginning their day.

The entire project is expected to take about a year.