PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Wayne Newton worried about stars' futures

Wayne Newton worried about stars' futures

WASHINGTON -- Wayne Newton is worried that fame is coming too easily to today's young stars.

In a recent interview in Washington, Newton says it's pretty frightening to think that one day someone can be totally unheard of and the next they could be on the lips of practically everybody in the world. He said that what they don't realize is that fame goes as quickly as it comes.

He said young stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus don't have time to hone their craft. Newton said stars need to time to learn that every decision they make will either hamper or endear them for the rest of their life.

He said that he's concerned because when the industry is finished with a star, it just looks for the next one.

Grunberg got start in Abrams' home movies

NEW YORK -- ''Heroes'' actor Greg Grunberg says his acting bug started when he starred in the home movies of his childhood friend, director J.J. Abrams.

Grunberg has known Abrams since they were 4. He says Abrams began making movies during playdates when they were 10, using friends and family as cast members.

Grunberg has appeared in most of Abrams' professional films and TV shows, including ''Star Trek,'' ''Felicity'' and ''Lost.'' Grunberg says he does not know yet if he has a role in ''Super 8,'' a film that Abrams is now making with Steven Spielberg.

Aniston to appear on 'Cougar Town'

NEW YORK -- Jennifer Aniston will pay a visit to old ''friend'' Courteney Cox on the season debut of ABC's ''Cougar Town'' next month.

ABC said Monday that Aniston will portray a therapist who is being seen by Cox's character. It's a one-episode visit, scheduled for Sept. 22.

The two actresses starred for many years on NBC's ''Friends.''

Cox is in her second season of ''Cougar Town,'' where she plays a character hungry for younger men.