Judy Johnson announces second bid for Lawrenceville mayor

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Judy Jordan Johnson began her second bid to become mayor of Gwinnett's county seat Thursday.

Only two dozen votes stood between Johnson and the position in 2008, and she said Thursday she will be on ballots again in November, facing incumbent Rex Millsaps.

"For too long Lawrenceville has been content as our contemporaries make tremendous quality of life advances," Johnson said. "We need leadership from a strong mayor with a vision to regain our place of prominence. Lawrenceville has every asset to excel; all we need is new leadership to move us forward."

Lawrenceville politics is a family tradition for Johnson. The former city councilwoman's father Rhodes Jordan was mayor for 16 years, and both her grandfather and great-grandfather served terms on the city council.

"When I served on the City Council along with Bobby Sikes, we kept our small-town appeal while increasing and enhancing those things that make us great," Johnson said. "Today we can again make a real difference and improve on our quality of life."

Millsaps said he is seeking re-election. "I'm looking forward to the campaign," he said.