Man accused of beating woman with whiskey bottle

NORCROSS -- A Norcross man is facing several felony charges after police say he beat his estranged wife with a full whiskey bottle.

Julian Andres Davila-Pasada, 27, was reportedly waiting with a friend outside the Jimmy Carter Boulevard apartment of his wife sometime after midnight Sunday morning, when he told her they "wanted to come in and drink."

According to the police report, when she refused, Davila-Pasada immediately began punching her and forced her back inside.

Despite several attempts to leave, Davila-Pasada kept the victim inside the apartment, poking her in the eye to the point where a blood vessel burst and striking her "in the head as well as the jaw with a bottle of whiskey."

She was eventually allowed to leave when her mother arrived at the apartment, police said.

At Gwinnett Medical Center, a responding officer noted bruising on the victim's arms, legs, neck and face, as well as swelling of her forehead and jaw. Her left eye was "blood red" and she had a bite mark on her right arm, the officer wrote.

Gwinnett County Jail records show several previous arrests for Davila-Pasada, including two for battery. He remained incarcerated Wednesday with no bond on charges of aggravated assault, battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment.