G-Braves' schedule for 2011 set

LAWRENCEVILLE — Nine games is the longest homestand for the G-Braves next season and they get it out of the way from the start.

Gwinnett will open the season with a four-game series against Durham and two three-game sets with Norfolk and Charlotte from April 7-15. It’s the first time since moving to Gwinnett that the Class AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves will play a team other than Charlotte in its opener.

The three clubs make up the G-Braves’ rivals in the International League’s South Division. Throughout the season, the G-Braves will see those three teams 64 times over the 144 game season.

Unlike this season, Gwinnett will play September baseball at Coolray Field when it ends the season with a two-game series with the Charlotte Knights.

The G-Braves will also play home games on the summer’s three big holiday. They host Durham on July 4, Lehigh Valley on Memorial Day and Charlotte on Labor Day.

The team did not release start times or scheduled TV games for the upcoming season. People interested in purchasing season tickets for 2011 should call 678-277-0340 or visit www.gwinnettbraves.com/2011.

2011 schedule by series

April 7-10 vs. Durham

April 11-13 vs. Norfolk

April 14-15 vs. Charlotte

April 16-18 at Durham

April 19-22 at Norfolk

April 23-25 at Charlotte

April 26-29 vs. Columbus

April 30 vs. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

May 1-3 vs. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

May 5-8 at Rochester

May 9-12 at Pawtucket

May 13-16 vs. Toledo

May 17-20 vs. Rochester

May 21-24 at Lehigh Valley

May 26-29 at Buffalo

May 30-31 vs. Lehigh Valley

June 1-2 vs. Lehigh Valley

June 3-6 vs. Buffalo

June 7-10 at Toledo

June 11-14 at Indianapolis

June 16-19 vs. Durham

June 20-23 vs. Syracuse

June 24-27 at Columbus

June 28-30 at Louisville

July 1 at Louisville

July 2-3 at Durham

July 4-5 vs. Durham

July 6-7 at Charlotte

July 8-10 vs. Charlotte

July 11-13 All-Star break

July 14-17 vs. Norfolk

July 18-21 vs. Louisville

July 22-25 at Norfolk

July 26-29 at Durham

July 30-31 vs. Indianapolis

Aug. 1-2 vs. Indianapolis

Aug. 4-5 at Charlotte

Aug. 6-7 vs. Charlotte

Aug. 8-11 at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Aug. 12-15 vs. Pawtucket

Aug. 16-19 at Syracuse

Aug. 20-21 at Charlotte

Aug. 22-23 vs. Charlotte

Aug. 25-28 vs. Norfolk

Aug. 29-30 at Durham

Aug. 31 at Norfolk

Sept. 1 at Norfolk

Sept. 2-3 at Charlotte

Sept. 4-5 vs. Charlotte