POLITICS: Deal has lead, but Barnes questions ethics

Camie Young

Camie Young

As former Gov. Roy Barnes began an ad campaign bashing his Republican opponent Nathan Deal, Deal reportedly expanded his lead in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll released by the Deal campaign Friday, the former congressman widened his lead to 51-42, after a poll last month had a spread of 49-43 percent.

“For five months in a row, Rasmussen has shown Nathan Deal with significant leads over Democrat Roy Barnes, and the lead is expanding now that Nathan Deal is the Republican nominee for governor,” said Deal spokesman Brian Robinson. “Georgia voters are tired of the big spending, big debt, big government policies and promises of Democrats. They’re looking for a conservative antidote to the Obama administration, not more of the same. Georgians want lower taxes to attract new jobs and get our economy humming again. That’s what Nathan Deal’s ‘Real Prosperity’ plan will bring our state. Roy Barnes has recklessly promised billions in new spending that we can’t afford. Roy Barnes’ tax hikes would choke off any chance we have of adding jobs in Georgia.”

We’ll see if that lead remains, since Barnes launched a series of commercials Friday. The ads talk about a congressional probe that ended earlier this year when Deal resigned to run for governor.

“We don’t need a governor who might spend months in court trying to save himself rather than working every day to save Georgia,” Roy 2010’s Emil Runge said. “We have a choice between the proven experience and competence of Roy Barnes or unanswered questions about Congressman Deal.”

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