GCPS lauds 19 educators certified as Master Teachers

Gwinnett County Public Schools officials say they applaud 19 educators who recently became Georgia Master Teachers.

"We celebrate this accomplishment with these 'master teachers,'" said Steve Flynt, the associate superintendent for school leadership and operational support. "While we know that Gwinnett is home to some of the finest teachers in the profession, these teachers have earned additional recognition for their dedication to developing their professional skills. Their determination and passion is one reason why Gwinnett students continue to succeed."

Every year, Georgia recognizes its best teachers, and those professionals receive a Master Teacher designation on their certificates, identifying them as educators who have positively influenced student achievement in the classroom.

Educators built and tested the Georgia Master Teachers program. To earn the certificate, teachers must have at least three years of experience in the classroom on a Georgia Clear Renewable Certificate and evidence that links classroom instruction to their students' achievement and progress.

Georgia Master Teachers help build better schools by mentoring new teachers and coaching peers. They also gather annually to share knowledge, skills and best practices, and the educators are frequently invited to serve in local, state, regional and national education groups as the voice of Georgia educators and as influential professionals in their communities.

The 2010 Master Teachers from Gwinnett are:

* Teresa Allen Bitterman -- Osborne Middle

* Lori H. Bowen -- Mill Creek High

* Patricia Ferguson Burgess -- Pinckneyville Middle

* Carolyn Sutton Cremer -- Duluth Middle

* Dana L. Griffith -- Berkmar Middle

* Angela Guthrie -- Mason Elementary

* Helon L. Hogan -- Duluth Middle

* Sally A. Hollyfield -- Cedar Hill Elementary

* Suzanne Dillard Hood -- Harbins Elementary

* Susan Elyse Hyzer -- Burnette Elementary

* Linda Holloway LaPerre -- Trickum Middle

* Christine Ann Loughman -- Berkmar Middle

* Jessica Marshall -- Puckett's Mill Elementary

* James William Mozley -- Duluth Middle

* Janice Willis Parker -- Crews Middle

* Shannon Sesco Penick -- Osborne Middle

* Kelly Ann Sloan -- Osborne Middle

* Rori Smith -- North Gwinnett Middle

* Marian Joiner Stalvey -- Osborne Middle

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