Wiggles' zany antics return to Gwinnett

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

As a "rososaurus," Dorothy the Dinosaur's cuisine of choice is the sweet-smelling -- and even sweeter tasting -- rose.

It's a delicacy that children familiar with The Wiggles character bring with them to performances. During the children's musical group's latest show -- a Wiggle style circus coming to the Arena at Gwinnett Center on Saturday -- Dorothy will venture in the audience to collect hundreds of snacks.

Children even bring along bones and treats for Wags the Dog, the lovable, smiling canine character.

The interactions with Wiggles characters are highlights of the performances that preschool age children can experience during The Wiggles Wiggly Circus, the entertainers' latest touring show in what has been a series of successful concert engagements that span almost two decades.

The fab four from down under -- Red Wiggle Murray Cook, Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran -- will put their circus skills on display, from gymnastics and handstands to trapeze work.

"For us doing the show, there's never a dull moment and hopefully for the children, too, and parents," Field said. "It's a really exciting show, very interactive."

Children are encouraged to sing and dance at their seats, shout "Wake up, Jeff!" whenever the sleepy Purple Wiggle starts to doze onstage and create a Wiggles sign ahead of time to take to the show.

Field said for many children, a Wiggles performance is their first show experience.

"The whole family, it's what we aim for -- to give them a really great day out and lots of memories," he said. "Take as much film and photos as you like. We want you to remember today. It's a big moment for parents to take their children to the show."