PEOPLE: Lady Gaga returns to Lollapalooza

Lady Gaga returns to Lollapalooza

CHICAGO -- Lady Gaga has come a long way since her appearance three years ago at the Lollapalooza music festival -- but she hasn't forgotten some critics' less-than-stellar reviews of that performance.

The voice behind ''Paparazzi'' and ''Bad Romance'' commanded thousands of screaming fans in Chicago on Friday night to forget anyone who ever said they weren't pretty enough or skinny enough -- or that ''your Lollapalooza BMI stage show was a (expletive) trainwreck. You're a (expletive) superstar. You were born that way!''

The order was met with a roar from the sea of mostly teens and 20-somethings squished in front of the stage, bouncing up and down with their fists in the air.

It was redeeming moment and a far cry from Lady Gaga's first appearance at the festival in 2007, when she sang and played keyboard in a glittery bra and tiny, black bottoms. Recordings of the daytime performance show a distracted crowd and a sparse stage.

Gabor to stay hospitalized

LOS ANGELES -- Doctors want to keep Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized a few more days as the 93-year-old actress continues to recover from a broken hip.

Gabor's husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, said Saturday that Gabor suffered a ''setback'' that will keep her in doctors' care until at least Monday. She had been scheduled to go home Saturday afternoon.

Author Judt dies at 62

NEW YORK -- Tony Judt, a highly praised and controversial historian who wrote with sharp persistence about the changing world at large and the tragic world within -- the fatal disease that paralyzed him -- died Friday at his home in New York City.

Judt, a native of London who in recent years was a professor of European studies at New York University, was 62. His death was caused by complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.